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I have truly rode the waves and tides of troubled waters in my life but through it all God have Kept me; with his help I have overcome many obstacles and the statistics associated with being a teen mom, single mom, divorced mom, domestic violence survivor and more. My journey to find hope and healing have caused me to grow on every level.

I want my story to reach the people that society have deemed to be statistics, I am here to encourage YOU (Teen mom, single mom, high school drop out etc.). Let my page turning story encourage you to tap into your full potential and true purpose in Life. YOU are more than a statistic, You are more than a survivor, YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!!!

purchase your copy of Troubled Waters TODAY!

Troubled Waters

  • Each book order (Donation) will go towards our programs and services to transition survivors out of the shelter, feed the hungry, help students, teachers and schools with food insecurity,  supplies and our prom assistance program.

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