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We stand to combat Homelessness, Unemployment, and Food insecurities. We are on a mission to break the chains of poverty by educating, empowering and uplifting individuals, families and their communities. Through our multiple services, resources and programs; Whole Life Healing Center’s mission is to enhance the lives of people across this country by providing services that positively impact their whole life.

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GIVE TODAY TO HELP Us Fight Against Domestic violence

Skyline New York

to buffalo, NY!

 We are excited to announce that we've officially expanded into Buffalo, NY!

Whole Life Healing Center will be offering our Feed and Seed Services to our Buffalo Community the last Saturday of each month.

To get more details please contact us.

GIVE TODAY TO HELP Us Fight Against Domestic violence

Whole Life Healing Radio is a station that focus on encouraging, empowering and educating our listeners. Our goal is to positively impact lives all over this Nation through the music, testimonies and love we share on this station.


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zelle: 716-816-8973

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