As CEO/Founder, and domestic violence survivor I have joined hands with leaders, shelters, churches, and other survivors to FIGHT against domestic violence. 


I didn't find my voice or purpose in life until I found myself in the domestic violence shelter. I always wondered how I went to school three times for three different majors and ended up in HR which I have no degree for. God had a plan for my life that had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the assignment for my life. Each degree assisted in preparing me for founding the Whole Life Healing Center (WLHC). WLHC is unique because we were formed while in the domestic violence shelter with the help of Promise Place.


Initially, I thought my career as an HR professional was my purpose in life but... I was wrong! My HR career was preparing me for my true purpose which is assisting in transitioning survivors out of the shelter and into their new careers and homes.

My board and I are working diligently to hear the sometimes silent cries of survivors, we are encouraging them to find their voice and speak out loud. We are working to provide resources to assist in their transitions by offering job placement, resume writing assistance, rapid rehousing, and blessing buckets. We are also working hard to build a support system virtually for survivors in the cities and states that we do not physically operate in. We offer virtual group sessions, virtual workouts, and virtual activities.



Blessing Buckets

We partner with several Atlanta shelters to provide care packages to our clients who are ready to transition from the shelter. 

Resume Assistance

We've partnered with the founder of Community Outreach & Avocacy Corporation to host scheduled webinars on resume building. 

Healing & Hauling

We coordinate volunteers and resources to transition our clients from shelter to their new home!

Affordable Housing

If you're in the Atlanta metro area, we have resources for affordable housing options and can provide assistance.