4 ways to give
hope & healing

Blessing Buckets

The transition from a domestic violence shelter into real life can be shocking and filled with obstacles. Whole Life Healing Center partners with several Atlanta-area shelters to provide what we call "Blessing Buckets" to our clients who are ready to leave the shelter. Blessing Buckets consist of essential household goods we all need to survive and start fresh in a new place.

Resume Assistance

Affordable Housing Information

Not sure where to go? Again, no problem. We have a good pulse on the affordable housing options in the Atlanta-metro area and will provide you information.

We operate to change the lives of young mothers & domestic violence victims.

Through the creation of our programs, resources, and services, we are fighting against Homeless, Unemployment, and Hunger of Teenage mothers and Domestic Violence Victims.

According to multiple studies examining the causes of homelessness, among mothers with children experiencing homelessness, more than 80% had previously experienced domestic violence.


To create a safe space for personal growth & advancement

To assist in the healing of women and young adults who have suffered from domestic violence and teenage pregnancy by providing resources and programs to assist with their personal growth, advancement in life, and their productiveness in the community. Working hand and hand with churches, schools, organizations and the community to ensure the progression in their lives is empowering and transformational. We are diligent in our pursuit to eliminate the stigma of the word ‘statistic’ by creating future leaders.